Garland & Swag

This customer creates custom designed decor for holidays and parties. They wanted their dog incorporated into the logo and provided photos as reference. The garland around the dogs neck represents some of the work that they create.


The Well-Seasoned Kitchen

This logo was designed for a cook who made and sold gourmet popcorn and baked goods.  She wanted to include an apron in the design but provided no other instructions. Bright greens and rich brown hint at the freshness of the ingredients and the gingham pattern suggest the home-made nature of the goods.  I carried the colors and gingham pattern to her labels and print materials as well.

The Delisle Group

This real estate agent wanted a new, updated logo that was clean and modern. The negative space in the logo creates a "D" which hints at the name of the group and the roof shape the nature of the business.  This logo has been used for business cards advertising and custom designed wine labels.  A black version of the logo was also created to print better in black and white only publications.


The Cinderella Project

The organization asked for a logo that included Cinderella's coach.  This was a service for teenagers, so I created a youthful and fun logo, with fresh colors and fonts.

Team Ironsides

This logo was created for a team participating in the Mongol Rally.  Their name comes from the nickname of the USS Constitution, "Old Ironsides" which I included in the logo.  Since this rally consists of a very long trip by car, I created imagery to suggest this.   The team was from the US, so I included red, white and blue in the color palette.


Happy Valley Orchard

The orchard wanted an updated logo and sign.  The logo graphic was created to be used on packaging and promotional materials.  I also hand-painted a version of their logo, on their sign that hangs outside the orchard.

Sign hand-painted from original logo design

Julie Ann's Quilting

This sewist wanted a logo to help promote her custom-made quilts.  Because of the traditional nature of her craft, I chose an old-fashioned color palette while the modern style of the graphic suggests the new technology used in her quilting techniques.


StitchTek Services, LLC

This company created custom embroidery t-shirts and other goods for businesses and conferences.  They wanted a logo that incorporated the embroidery aspect of their business. They asked for the to logo to include green and orange to match the colors of another business venture they were a part of. 


This was a personal project to create packaging for a dinosaur toy.  The graphics of the logo and the background pattern on the packaging was created with custom illustrated graphics.