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I always knew I wanted to be an artist.  Even when I was very young, I was always creating something.  I’ve always been very lucky to have a family who encouraged my love of art and wonderful and talented teachers, from grade school to college, who helped me develop my skills. 

I attended Rivier College, where I received a BFA in Illustration. As the oldest of six children, I was always drawing things for my younger siblings and I've always loved fairy and folk tales, so naturally my work gravitated towards creating art for children. After graduation I became a graphic designer and have been doing web design for 18 years, but am always working on some new art project on the side.

My traditional work is done in acrylic, watercolor and ink and I use Adobe illustrator, Photoshop and Corel Painter for my digital work.  I love working in bright colors and using textures and patterns in my work.  I also create custom-painted furniture and nesting doll sets.  I do my work at my home in New Hampshire.

Phone: 603-557-7947
Email: natalie@nataliecurtiss.com

For original artwork, designs and vintage items, visit my shop on Etsy.