More "Star Trek" Nesting Dolls


I had so much fun creating the last set of "Star Trek" nesting dolls, that I decided to paint another one.  This time, I did characters from "The Next Generation".  I had a slightly larger blank nesting doll set, so I was able to do six characters.  I painted Captain Picard, Commander Riker, Lieutenant Worf, Counselor Troi, Lieutenant Commander LaForge and Lieutenant Commander Data.  


These were great fun do do.  Worf was my favorite to do. He has lots of accessories and his facial features are the most interesting. There are some interesting challenges with painting these. They are both 3-D and flat at the same time, so parts that would usually stand off the figure have to be painted flat.  

I'm looking forward to painting the next set.  "Deep Space Nine" maybe?


Want a custom set for yourself? 

Email me at and I'll get you a quote.  I can do any characters you'd like.