Illustrated Family Cookbook

At Christmastime, our family likes to make lots of different recipes. Everyone in the family has their favorites, so we always end up filling the kitchen table with tins and trays of candy and cookies.

For a few years my sisters and I talked about putting all the recipes into one book.  I wanted the book to include photos and illustrations, so my sisters and I made some of the recipes and took photos of what we made. 

I also wanted to include some illustrations in the book as well. I always love the anthropomorphized food illustrations that are found in many vintage cookbooks.  I loved coming up with characters for the different recipes. To create the illustrations, I drew them in pencil and then scanned the drawings in.  Then I colorized them in photoshop.


I wanted the overall book to have a vintage feel, so I used retro colors and skewed shapes for the layouts.  I have a large collection of vintage wrapping paper, so for the title pages of each section, I used vintage Christmas wrapping paper for the backgrounds.

This was a fun project and I'd love to do another cookbook for some other family recipes.