2017 Cookbook Challenge Week 3 - Chocolate Crinkles

I recently wanted to make a batch of cookies for friends, so I decided it would be perfect for week 3.  I chose to make Chocolate Crinkles from the Betty Crocker "Cooky Book", originally published in 1963.  I have made cookies from this book before, but I have never made this recipe.


I had an opened bag of Andes Candies Baking Chips, left over from Christmas.  I was afraid I would just eat the entire bag, so I decided to add these to the dough. 

This recipe is pretty easy. The dough needs to chill for a few hours and the cookies themselves are rolled by hand and dipped in powdered sugar, so they took a bit longer than I expected.  The cookies came out great and were delicious. They were slightly chewy, very chocolaty and the mint chips were a great addition.


The recipe made a ton of cookies, so I was able to fill a jar for our friends and keep a bunch of cookies for us.  


I decorated this jar with some vintage, 1940s decals I had.


Week 3 Roundup:

Cookbook: "Betty Crocker's Cooky Book", 1963

Recipe: Chocolate Crinkles

Difficulty: Easy, but do give the dough time to chill

Alterations: I added Andes Candies Baking Chips

Result: Excellent. Hard to go wrong with chocolate and mint

Make again?:  Absolutely!