Custom Kitchen Artwork

I have enjoyed decorating kitchen. I've already framed and hung a bunch of vintage wall art to decorate our new eating area, but I knew I wanted to paint a custom piece of artwork for the kitchen.

From the beginning knew what I wanted to paint.  I'm a huge fan of vintage pinups and sketch and draw them quite a bit.  I'm also a fan of cherries and is one of the themes of our new kitchen.  I also am quite proud of the work I did on our Youngstown Kitchen Cabinets. So, I wanted to create a piece that incorporated all of these elements.


My initial concept sketch

The Painting in progress

The Painting in progress


My pin-up girl sports a cherry apron while holding a freshly baked cherry pie.  I subtly represented our kitchen cabinets with outlined representations of them in the background. I stuck to my mint-green and red color pallet to match our kitchen design.


The finished painting


The piece was painted in acrylic on canvas.  I didn't want to have to frame this piece, so I painted my design it on high profile canvas and painted the edges.  Our kitchen walls are mostly covered with cabinets, so this one hangs in the small available wall space above our corner shelf.


Our kitchen with the newly painted artwork in place.