Trying Out the Juice-O-Mat

A few months ago, while poking around Goodwill, Chris came across a vintage juicer for $8.  It's called a "Juice-O-Mat", which I think is pretty much the greatest name for a juicer ever.  It's kitschy, whimsical and fun and something we need much more of these days.  As an object to display, this juicer is wonderful.  I love the deco-styling, chrome accents and even the font used for the logo.  Since there is not a bit of plastic to be found, this thing is solid.  The mechanism works great as well. We have seen a few of these over the years, at different antique shops, but they are always quite expensive and often don't function very well.  Ours is as smooth as can be, with no grinding or catching when you move the handle.


The Juice-O-Mat, ready to get to work

Juice-O-Mat, activated!


Until now, we just had it on display in our new kitchen, but this morning I decided to break it out and give it a try.  It was fun and easy to use. Just stick a half an orange in the top, pull the handle and you have juice.  Granted, it was a very small amount of juice per orange.  We squeezed 4 oranges and got two small juice glasses full of juice.  Still, it was delicious.


The first squeeze



Would I do this again?   Sure, but probably not very often.  It's not very cost effective but sometimes it's fun to just do something for the novelty of it.