"Magnum, P.I." Nesting Doll Set


Chris and I have been watching a lot of 1980s TV shows this year.  We started with "Knight Rider", moved on to "Magnum, P.I." and "Miami Vice".  When I decided to make Chris another nesting doll set for Christmas, I knew it had to be characters from one of these shows.   "Knight Rider" simply didn't have enough interesting looking characters and "Miami Vice" got kind of dark and depressing by the end, so "Magnum, P.I." it had to be.  It was the right choice, really.  The main characters are all really distinct looking, with iconic outfits and/or accessories.  For those not familiar with the show, it is about a private eye, living in a rich guy's house in Hawaii and stars Tom Selleck.  Its great fun, if not a little silly at times.  We watched ever episode.

Back View  

For the set, I painted the four main characters,  Magnum, Higgins (with his dogs Zeus and Apollo), TC and Rick.  For the remaining two figures, I painted representations of TC's helicopter and the Ferrari that Magnum drives on the show.  Because of the shapes I was working with, I wasn't able to do entire helicopter or car, so instead did the windows and paint job of the helicopter and the license plate and logo of the Ferarri.

Much like the Star Trek and Star Trek Next Generation nesting doll sets I painted, I had great fun with this one.  The figures were painted in acrylic paint on blank wooden nesting dolls that I purchased.

Right Side

Left Side