Week 29 - Toad-in-a-Hole

I have been getting a bit behind in my cookbook challenge so I needed a recipe that wouldn't take too long and with ingredients I already had. As a general rule, breakfast recipes are quick and easy, so I decided to make something from the 2004 cookbook "Retro Breakfast: Memorable Meals Morning, Noon, or Night", by Linda Everett & Richard Perry. This cookbook is full of all sorts of breakfast recipes and like other cookbooks in this "Retro" series, full of fantastic retro illustrations.

I chose to make Toad-in-a-Hole since I had the ingredients handy and I was amused by the name of the recipe.  This is a recipe that often shows up in vintage cookbooks, especially those geared towards children so this recipe couldn't be easier. You simply cut a hole in the bread and then crack an egg into the hole and fry in in a pan.  


This recipes instructs you to fry bacon in the pan first.  I didn't have thick-sliced bread that was called for in the recipe, so I used regular bread, which seemed to work just fine.


I served the toad-in-a-hole with pan fries and the bacon.  Since they were fried in bacon grease the bread was really crispy. They were tasty but were very rich and a bit heavy.  If I were to make these again I'd probably fry these in butter instead.

Week 29 Roundup

Cookbook: "Retro Breakfast: Memorable Meals Morning, Noon, or Night" by Linda Everett & Richard Perry, published in 2004

Recipe: Toad-in-a-Hole

Difficulty: Very easy

Alterations: I used thinner bread than the recipe called for, but no other alterations

Results: Very good, but rich and a bit greasy

Make Again: Maybe, but would fry these in butter rather than bacon grease the next time.