Our 50s Kitchen Renovation - Weeks 2 and 3

Weeks two and three brought some big changes.  The original kitchen floors were sagging quite a bit, so one of the things we wanted to do with the new kitchen is have the floors straightened.  To do this, the contractor placed posts in the basement with hydraulic jacks.  Over the next couple of days, he adjusted the jacks, to raise and straighten the floor.

The porch windows were all removed to be later replaced by one large picture window.  The space for that window was framed in and then temporarily boarded up to keep out the elements, until the new window could be installed.  

In the kitchen area, the window that looked out onto the porch was removed and a new entryway cut in that spot.  This opening was made wider than the average doorway to help the kitchen and eating area feel like one continuous space. The old doorway that led to the bathroom area was framed in and will eventually be covered with sheetrock. The attic floor above the kitchen was removed so they could add new plywood to the attic floor. This will help them when they add new insulation in the ceiling. Finally, the old wiring was removed from the kitchen area and new wiring roughed in.

Week 2 Progress Shots

Week 3 Progress Shots