Our 50s Kitchen Renovation - Week 10

During week 10 the old, off-centered window was removed and replaced with the new window we ordered.  I love this window, as it provides a great view of our neighbor's bird feeders and the neighborhood cats who keep an eye on them.  We are also very happy to finally stop trying to explain why our window isn't centered between the cabinets.  Our laundry closet finally got its nice new doors.


The best thing about this week was that we finally got our new stove installed.  We originally were going to keep our existing stove, but when we removed the drop-cloth, we realized just how dirty and dated it would look next to all the bright and shiny cabinets.  We chose a white KitchenAid stove to match our new fridge.  While I would have loved to have an actual vintage stove it just wasn't practical, so I was happy that this stove had a bit of a retro look to it.  With the new stove in place I was finally able to break down our temporary kitchen and cook on a real stove instead of a hot plate.  The first thing I made in my new kitchen was chocolate chip cookies.