Our 50s Kitchen Renovation - Week 11

A few big things happened in week 11.  First, we got all of the plumbing in our house upgraded.  The existing plumbing was made up of a snarl of old copper pipes and was on it's way out.  It was all replaced with nice new plastic tubing.  Frank, the plumber was great and did an excellent job.


Our plumbing before

New plumbing

New plumbing


New plumbing also meant that our fridge was finally able to be moved to the kitchen and hooked up for ice and water.  We chose a KitchenAid fridge that has an water dispenser inside the fridge, rather than the door, for a cleaner look.  Our custom countertops were also laminated with the mint green boomerang pattern laminate.  For now, the raw wood is showing on the edges of the countertop, but eventually this will be finished with metal trim.


The other thing that was done this week was the that wood flooring in the porch area was refinished.  This flooring was something I discovered a few years ago, when I pulled up the old linoleum on our porch.  Beneath that ugly linoleum was a lovely fir floor, which we were excited to see refinished and brought back to its former glory.  To bring out the grain of the wood, we chose a dark, reddish mahogany stain.  We are very happy with the result.