2017 Cookbook Challenge Week 7 - Cherry Pie


It is week 7 and our kitchen renovation is finally complete!  It's been a long time in coming and to mark the occasion I wanted to make something really special.  Given my fondness for cherries and the fact that my kitchen is decorated with that motif, I decided to make a cherry pie.  I chose the recipe "Martha's Cherry Pie", from the cookbook "Retro Pies, A Collection of Celebrated Family Recipes", by Linda Everett.  Like many of the cookbooks I have from the "Retro" series, this one is full of standard and unique pie recipes and illustrated with fun vintage clip art and photos.

The recipe is as easy as.. well, pie.  There is still a lot of prep work and the dough to roll out, so does take some time.  I don't like the canned cherry pie filling so I made the filling myself, using canned tart cherries in water.

I've never done a lattice topped pie before.  It looks quite challenging but was actually pretty easy.  I'd almost say it was easier than the regular topped pie as mine never quite fit properly and always tear.  Since it was Valentines Day, I decided to trim the edges of my pie with little heart cut-outs with another big heart in the middle.  I'm never very good with making the edges of my pie look very nice, so I love using the cut-outs to tidy up the edges. I have a bunch of mini cookie cutter so may do this every time I make pie from now on.


I baked the pie for 40 minutes and it came out a nice golden brown, smelled delightful and I think looked adorable with the hearts.


I'll admit that cherry pie isn't generally my favorite. It's often much to sweet for my taste. This pie however called for canned tart cherries and the result was mildly sweet and tart at the same time. We had it for our Valentine's Day dessert.  We served it with vanilla ice cream (of course) and it was delicious!


Always looking for a reason to dress up!  I'd say spanking new kitchen and pie is as good a reason as any.

Week 7 Roundup:

Cookbook: "Retro Pies, A Collection of Celebrated Family Recipes", by Linda Everett, published 2003

Recipe: Martha's Cherry Pie

Difficulty: Average

Alterations: None. 

Result: Delicious!

Make again?:  Yes!